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EPA rates Lucid electric vehicle at 520 miles, further than any other EV

Federal regulators have certified an electric vehicle by Lucid Motors for a range of 520 miles on a single charge — which is further than they have ever rated an EV and beats Tesla’s best vehicle by more than 100 miles.

The Environmental Protection Agency rated Lucid’s Air Dream Edition R for the distance, the automaker announced Thursday.

At 520 miles, the vehicle would be able to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco without stopping.

“Improvements in efficiency will enable widespread mass adoption of EVs,” Lucid Motors CEO and Chief Technology Officer Peter Rawlinson said in a statement. “Our approach is based on the concept of ‘smart range,’ going incredible distance on a single charge, carrying the smallest possible battery packs.”

Lucid tweeted a short video about the achievement.

The rating bested that of Tesla’s Model S Long Range, which has an estimated range of 405 miles.

Despite its new EPA rating, Lucid has not yet delivered any of the vehicles. The Air Dream Edition lists for $169,500 and deliveries are expected to start later this year.

Earlier this year, the luxury electric vehicle startup announced the opening of a flagship office in New York City. Lucid attracted more than $1 billion in investments in recent years for development and a factory in Arizona. The company gave majority ownership to Saudi Arabia in exchange for investment funds.