The Archaeological Society of Oklahoma

We are the Oklahoma Chapter of the Central States Archaeological Society. Our chapter represents hunters, collectors, and amateur archaeologists who share an interest in the ancient history of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is a major crossroads in North America; where the Plains meet the Woodlands, and rivers flow from the Rocky Mountains towards the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout prehistory many cultures have called Oklahoma home, and they left behind many unique relics.

About our Society's Seal

The seal for Oklahoma Chapter of the CSAS shows some of these rare artifacts. A variety of shell bead styles from the Spiro Mounds makeup the circle. The central bison skull with a painted lightning bolt zigzag is from the Cooper Site. The point at left is the finest Folsom found at Cooper. The point at right is a Tribute point from the Spiro Mounds. These are superimposed over a map of the state showing the major rivers that flow through the state.

About the C.S.A.S.

The Central States Archaeological Societies, Inc. is a non-profit organization and has no paid officers or employees.
With the help of membership dues from 19 state societies they publish the Central States Archaeological Journal four times a year.

Visit their website at Central States Archaeological Society

Anyone with an interest in Oklahoma Archaeology is welcome to join our society!

Membership Benefits

Membership dues are $24 per calendar year.
As a member you will get four issues of the Central States Archaeological Journal which are published in January, April, July and October.
You will be able to submit articles and photos for any special journals our chapter publishes, as well as the CSAS Journal.

If you are interested in becoming a member you can send an email with the following information:

Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number and eMail.

Or download our Society's brochure and mail it in.

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